The new show’s creators was actually offered and come up with your homosexual within start of show however, sooner decided not to

The new show’s creators was actually offered and come up with your homosexual within start of show however, sooner decided not to

The founders had Chandler showed that they are, in reality, upright for the « One Where Nana Passes away Double » whenever a colleague away from their at your workplace desires program good time with several other child, thought he’s gay. The guy informs their nearest and dearest about it, following realizes that they also – within one-point – believe he had been homosexual.

Other like hence insinuates Chandler’s homosexuality is when Ross exposes Chandler’s kiss having a person to help you Monica

Shortly after Chandler performs a good prank towards the Ross of the send on their school web site one Ross enjoys intercourse that have dinosaurs, Ross creates a webpage to have Chandler. To the web page, Ross says one Chandler try, « because the gay wantmatures telefonnГ­ ДЌГ­slo since the go out is much time, » and then have provides digitally edited photographs regarding Chandler making out with a cop. Many alumni congratulate Chandler to your discussing this particular fact. Because the an excellent retort, Chandler posts towards the Ross’ webpage he features passed away.

Ross says, « Now, Chandler isn’t the types of child exactly who goes into a bar and you may tends to make aside having girls, » leading to Monica to help you shout, Chandler responses, « In my defense, it had been very black in which he is an incredibly pretty son! »

Most of Chandler’s intimate ambiguity stems from their childhood, once the would most other characteristics instance puffing and turning to laughs. For the Thanksgiving when Chandler are 9, his dad established which he is a homosexual hence the guy was taking a separation out of their partner given that he’d, « as an alternative bed into the houseboy than [her]. » The newest houseboy told you, « Way more chicken, Mr. Chandler? » really women voice right after which statement. As a result of this, Chandler hates Thanksgiving and you can won’t eat one antique Thanksgiving restaurants.

Chandler’s father moved to Las Vegas, where he opened up an all-male burlesque called Viva Las Gay-gas. The burlesque features such musical numbers as It is Raining People, where he works as a cross-dresser named Helena Handbasket. Chandler tells Monica that when he was growing up, he played the dancer on the far left.

After that entertainment emerges when Chandler pays attention so you can a self-help hypnosis recording made to avoid your from smoking. The fresh new tape is perfect for ladies, and Chandler happens underneath the tip to be good « strong, winning, confident girl. » That it manifests itself in the Chandler applying Man Adhere for example a female applying lip stick and you can blotting that have a tissues and you may emerging regarding the shower which have a towel around his bust and you may good turban towards the his direct. The guy including says to Rachel you to the woman is sporting a good « good shirt. » Joey overhears this new recording and you may tampers inside, tape a contact in it recommending one Chandler need to make your, « a parmesan cheese sandwich daily, » and purchase him, « hundreds of dollars value of shorts. »


In the event the collection starts, Chandler works because the a data Processor chip. It is a career that he very carefully loathes, and you may attempts to end at the beginning of 12 months 1 (« Usually the one To your Stoned Child »). His employer has the benefit of a publicity plus and more currency to help you attract your back. Depending on the nameplate on the their doorway (present in « Usually the one With the Ick Foundation ») they have getting Running Management. Even in the event never ever clearly mentioned, additional change photos demonstrate that Chandler’s place of work is within the Solow Strengthening.

  • The guys win the latest trivia games because the Rachel and you can Monica usually do not know what Chandler really does getting a full time income (« Usually the one Into the Embryos ») (Even when once the Ross developed the video game, this indicates he understands the answer)
  • Joey shortly after states,  » And also you name on your own a keen accountant? » and you will Chandler responses, « Zero! »
  • Monica acknowledges a few times you to definitely she doesn’t pay attention when he covers their functions, however, eventually finds out just what the guy does when he quits for the seasons 9. She phone calls they, « Mathematical Investigation and you will Data Reconfiguration. » Chandler reacts by thinking about the girl and you can claiming, « I end, while see the things i perform? »
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